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1. CosmeticDentistryABC.com provides information for the global dental community at no charge to its users, except as represented on the site. The information is not designed to be diagnostic in nature, and is, in no way, intended to contradict or replace the advice of a personal dentist or orthodontist. CosmeticDentistryABC.com urges everyone to seek an individual consultation with his or her health care professional, and to maintain regular dental checkups.

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3. The information contained in this web site is provided for the sole purpose of describing dental care or treatment which may be available from a qualified dentist. This web site does not offer any form of personalized medical or dental advice. CosmeticDentistryABC.com does not represent, warrant or guarantee that any specific treatment presented on the site may be appropriate to a particular user1s present or future dental needs.

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