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Bettering Your Smile in Shorter Time: What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Many people have described it as a mad rush -- the number of men and women seeking cosmetic dentistry in this day and age. One of the more common procedures that adults can be found considering when it comes to cosmetic dentistry is orthodontics. With that noted, however, many adults shy away from orthodontics (despite the benefits that orthodontics can lend to a person’s smile and appearance) because they determine that it simply will take to long to see results.

For many years, orthodontics has been a procedure and treatment regimen associated with children and teenagers. Adults eventually did begin to turn to orthodontic care for health purposes and finally for cosmetic reasons in more recent times. Yet, and again, many adults shun the procedure because of what they have perceived to be the time commitment that will need to be made from the onset of the process through its conclusion.

In reality, all of this has changed with accelerated orthodontics …

A Look at Accelerated Orthodontics

Through accelerated orthodontics a patient will wear braces for a period of only four to eight months -- a shorter course of treatment than normally is associated with teeth straightening through the use of dental appliances. In many instances, the specific dental appliance that is utilized when it comes to accelerated orthodontics is what is known as Damon Brackets.

Damon Brackets allow for the acceleration of orthodontic treatments because of the ability of the wire running between the brace brackets to slide back and forth.

In advance of the actual installation of dental appliances into your mouth for the accelerated orthodontics process you may have to undergo periodontal surgery. You may need this type of surgery to make room within your mouth, in your bite range, to allow for the installation of the Damon Brackets or similar appliances that will be utilized in the accelerated orthodontics process.

Is It Right for You?

There are some factors that you will want to bear in mind as you consider whether or not accelerated orthodontics is right for you.

First, you will want to consider whether the costs associated with accelerated orthodontics will fit into your budget. Overall, accelerated orthodontics is a more costly cosmetic dentistry process than is more traditional braces installation.

Second, you have to be prepared to undergo periodontal surgery in advance of the installation of dental appliances as part of the accelerated orthodontics process.

Third, accelerated orthodontics may be right for you if you really do not have an extended period of time to devote to a more conventional and long term teeth straightening treatment regimen.

Schedule a Consultation …

If after reading this article you are interested in accelerated orthodontics, you will want to schedule a consultation with a specialist in cosmetic dentistry or with an orthodontist in your community that provides these types of accelerated services to adult patients.


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