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Orthodontics: What to Expect During Treatments and Procedures

There is an old adage that nothing worthwhile is without at least some degree of pain. In point of fact, this saying of days gone by has direct application to many cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures -- particularly to the installation and maintenance of braces.

You may be contemplating having braces put on your teeth as an adult. In the alternative, you may be the parent of a child who is facing braces. In either event, you may be wondering what to expect during treatments and procedures relating to the placement and maintenance of braces. Through this article, you will be presented with some basic information about what to expect during treatments and procedures associated with braces. Generally, you will be provided with basic thoughts on what you can expect to “feel” during various stages of the brace treatment procedures and process.

Of course, any specific questions regarding braces, treatments with braces and procedures that are involved should be directed to your orthodontist or your cosmetic dentistry specialist. He or she will be able to provide you detailed information about what to expect and anticipate when it comes to treatments and procedures involving braces.

The Installation of Braces

For most people, the installation of the actual braces themselves is not a pleasant experience. You need to be prepared to experience some degree of pain during this process.

In some instances, an orthodontist or cosmetic dentistry specialist will use Novocain or a similar numbing medication as a prelude to beginning the installation process.

When it comes to the installation of braces, the discomfort associated with the installation has decreased significantly in recent years. Because these types of dental appliances have developed significantly in recent years -- braces have become smaller and less intrusive -- it is far easier to install braces into a person’s mouth today.

After a few days following the initial installation of the braces, the discomfort associated with the process will dissipate. While you will experience some swelling and a bit of bleeding in the days after the installation of braces, all of this will peter off over a short period of time.

Regular Adjustments

Once the braces are installed, you will have to return to the orthodontist’s office on a regular basis for “adjustments.” Adjustments, in simple terms, really involve the tightening of the braces themselves. The whole purpose behind braces is to move the teeth into a more appropriate position within a person’s mouth. Thus, generally speaking and from time to time, your orthodontist will have to tighten and adjust your braces.

There will be a moderate amount of discomfort associated with the tightening process. Again, you will experience discomfort during the actual procedure and for a matter of three or four days following the actual tightening process.


While there will be some additional discomfort associated with the removal of braces, the reality is that a patient will be so pleased to have these dental appliances removed that he or she really will not notice the pain or discomfort involved.

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