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Accelerated Orthodontics: Procedures and Costs

If you have made the decision to seek a type of cosmetic dentistry known as accelerated orthodontics, you may yet have questions as to the procedures that are involved in accelerated dentistry as well as the associated costs. Indeed, you most definitely will want to well understand the procedures that will be utilized in this type of cosmetic dentistry before you embark on a course of treatment. Additionally, if you are like nearly everyone else, you want a clear picture of the costs that are involved in any type of procedure -- including one associated with cosmetic dentistry -- before you embark on obtaining services.

Accelerated Orthodontics: An Overview of Procedures

Through accelerated orthodontics a patient will wear braces for a period of only four to eight months in most instances. This represents a shorter course of treatment than normally is associated with teeth straightening through the use of dental appliances.

The specific dental appliance that is utilized when it comes to accelerated orthodontics is what is known as Damon Brackets. Damon Brackets are designed to allow the acceleration of orthodontic treatments. This occurs because of the ability of the wire running between the brace brackets to slide back and forth.

In advance of the actual installation of dental appliances into your mouth for the accelerated orthodontics process you most likely will have to undergo periodontal surgery. You may need this type of surgery to make room within your mouth, in your bite range, to allow for the installation of the Damon Brackets or similar appliances that will be utilized in the accelerated orthodontics process

Periodontal surgery is no small affair. Indeed, you will need to engage the services of an experienced and qualified periodontal surgeon to provide you with this particular element of the overall accelerated orthodontics program or regimen.

What You Can Expect to Pay

The costs associated with cosmetic dentistry procedures varies greatly depending on where you live in the world (or where you live across the United States, for that matter). Moreover, because each patientís situation is different, the costs of accelerated orthodontics and other cosmetic dentistry treatments can vary markedly from patient to patient.

With that understood, when it comes to accelerated orthodontics you will need to anticipate spending upwards to 60% for these treatments and procedures that you would spend on more traditional forms of orthodontics. These fees include the likely periodontal surgery that you will need to undergo in advance of having the dental appliances relating to accelerated orthodontics installed.


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