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Orthodontic Treatment for Teens: An Overview

Dealing with kids during their teenage years can be very challenging. A particular challenge for a parent involves advising your teenaged kid that he or she is going to have to obtain some cosmetic dentistry from an orthodontist. Telling a teen that he or she is going to have to get braces can be a truly challenging experience.

Through this article, you will be provided some basic information about cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment and your teenaged child.

When to Begin Orthodontic Treatments

The majority of adolescent patients begin orthodontic treatment between the ages of nine and sixteen. This is an ideal time because the child is still growing and the jawbone is still somewhat soft. This means that orthodontic treatment can be successfully completed relatively quickly and easily. It is important that the child receive treatment because teeth that are not in alignment or are crooked are difficult to clean. This can lead to inflammation of the gums and pain, which can lead to the inability to chew correctly. This can cause digestion problems in the child. Therefore, orthodontic problems that go untreated can cause substantial health problems.

Typical Orthodontic Problems for Teenaged Children

The majority of orthodontic problems are genetic. This can include teeth crowding, protruding upper teeth (overbite), extra or missing teeth, excess space between teeth and certain jaw growth problems. However, some orthodontic problems are acquired due to lifestyle and certain personal traits. Thumb sucking contributes greatly to crooked teeth. Poor dental hygiene, accidents, poor nutrition, dental disease and other problems can also contribute to orthodontic problems. Some medical problems may also be culprits. Sometimes a genetic problem is compounded by a problem that is acquired. While this may pose an additional challenge to the orthodontist, they often can be remedied.

Recommended Types of Orthodontic Treatments for Teenagers

Orthodontic treatment to correct these types of problems usually includes, to some degree, braces. There are several types of braces, but the most popular among teens are of the metal variety, colored and clear. Young people enjoy the fun, funky colored braces. They can choose from just about every color imaginable including their school’s colors. They can add sparkles and other embellishments to fit individual personalities and may make braces worn during the awkward teen years a little less traumatic and a little more fun. Braces are also available in tooth colored varieties and are barely detectable.

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