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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options: Dental Bridges

In recent times, an ever increasing number of men and women have been turning to cosmetic dentistry to better their smiles, to make themselves look better. There are many options available to men and women when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, a wide array or procedures and services that can improve a person‘s smile.

A frequently used treatment option that has been used for years and years when it comes to cosmetic dentistry is the placement of dental bridges. This article provides you some basic information about when dental bridges are best used, the procedures that are involved in placing dental bridges and the costs associated with dental bridges.

Of course, if you want specific information about dental bridges and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, you will want to consult with your dentist.

Dental Bridges: When They are Best Used

Dental bridges are best used when a person has problems with a number of teeth next to each other. For example, there are three or four teeth lined up next to each other that have deteriorated because of accident, injury or disease. The best course is the removal of these teeth.

While there might be some other type of procedure that could be utilized (implants, for example) dental bridges prove to be a cost effective and fairly easy to undergo treatment plan and procedure.

Dental bridges is treatment with a name that really does correctly identify the process and result. “False teeth” are placed into the mouth -- bridging the gap from natural tooth to natural tooth. In some instances, there are dental bridges that are referred to as partial dentures. However, in reality, partial dentures really apply to a treatment option in which “false teeth” contained in a “plate” are placed in the top or bottom of a person’s mouth -- rather than a full set of dentures which includes the top and bottom bites. Dental bridges rely on the presence of natural teeth to serve as an anchor.

Procedures to Place Dental Bridges

The procedures to place dental bridges are rather simplistic. Following an evaluation, the process continues with the removal of the subject “bad teeth,” the removal of the natural teeth that are defective for one reason or another.

The actual dental bridges are created in a dental laboratory. These dental bridges can be comprised of different substances, including composite materials or porcelain. You can control the costs associated with dental bridges through the selection of the materials that will be utilized in creating the dental bridges themselves.

Costs for Dental Bridges

There is a wide variation in the costs associated with dental bridges. In some instances, dental bridges can cost under $100.

It is important to keep in mind that the costs associated with dental bridges are driven by a few primary factors:

-- the number of teeth involved in the dental bridges

-- the location of the dental bridges within the mouth

-- the types of materials that will compose the teeth within the dental bridges

You will want to consult closely with your dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry to consider the fashioning of dental bridges before you undergo the procedure in order to fully appreciate what your dental bridges will cost.

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