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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options: Dental Caps

Over the course of the past twenty years, an ever growing number of people have been turning to cosmetic dentistry. In this regard, there are many options available to people when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in this day and age. One of the more commonly used treatment options that is used when it comes to cosmetic dentistry is dental caps. This article provides you some basic information about when dental caps are best used, the procedures that are involved in placing dental caps and the costs associated with dental caps.

Of course, if you want specific information about dental caps and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, you will want to consult with your dentist.

Dental Caps: When They are Best Used

There are a number of situations in which dental caps best can be utilized by a patient interested in bettering his or her smile through cosmetic dentistry. One common problem through which dental caps can best be used is when a tooth is cracked. Rather than have the tooth completely removed, it can be worked down to a post so that an appropriate dental cap can be added.

Another situation in which dental caps can be used is when you want to better the overall look of your smile -- even if you do not have major defects in your teeth. If you have minor defects in your teeth, dental caps can be a good choice. Through dental caps in this type of situation, you can end up with an extremely attractive smile.

In summary, dental caps can best be used when health reasons dictate the placement of dental caps and when dental caps can improve a personís smile and look.

Procedures to Place Dental Caps

The procedures that are used to place dental caps are fairly easy and straightforward. The initial phase of the process involves making a casting of the teeth in your mouth around the area where the dental cap or dental caps are to be placed. This will allow the creation of a dental cap or dental caps that will fit appropriately and naturally into a personís mouth.

The next phase of the process involves taking the original or natural tooth in a personís mouth and refashioning it into a post. In other words, the natural tooth is filed and drilled down to a fraction of its original size -- into the size and shape of a small post.

At this juncture, a temporary crown or cap is placed in the mouth to prevent the teeth from moving while the permanent dental cap or dental caps is being made at the dental laboratory.

The final stage of the process is the insertion or placement of the permanent dental cap or dental caps into the mouth. This last step takes only a matter of a few minutes.

Costs for Dental Caps

The costs associated with dental caps varies significantly. For example, there are rather inexpensive composite dental caps that cost under $100 each. At the other end of the spectrum there are porcelain dental caps that can cost over $500 each. In other words, there are dental caps that can be purchased in nearly any price range, to fit almost any budget.

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