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Teeth Whitening: What is In-Office Bleaching?

If you have tried at home teeth whitening products and found yourself not 100% satisfied with the results, you may have decided to look further into cosmetic dentistry and the cosmetic dentistry options that are available to you in this day and age. In point of fact, there are some very solid and reliabel professional teeth whitening procedures that are offered by dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, including in office bleaching procedures.

The Popularity of Teeth Whitening: From Movie Stars to Your Neighbor Next Door

Teeth whitening is quickly gaining in popularity. Once considered to be a pursuit of celebrities and the wealthy, teeth whitening has now crossed the financial barriers and is not only pursued by people from all income levels, versions of it are quite affordable. For those who desire the fast track to whiter teeth and can afford the higher price tag, in office bleaching may be the answer. In office bleaching, also called chair side bleaching, is a procedure that is done in the dentistís office. It often requires several office visits which may take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour in length.

In-Office Bleacing: The Basics

In-office bleaching is done by a dentist. During this procedure, the dentist uses either a rubber shield to protect the gums or applies a protective gel to them so that the oral soft tissues are not irritated or damaged. The bleaching agent is applied to the surface of the teeth. In some procedures a special light may be used. This activates and enhances the action of the whitening agent and increases the whitening properties. Most of the bleaching agents that are used in the in-office procedures are approved by the American Dental Association and have received the ADA Seal of acceptance. This means that the agent meets the ADAís standards of safety and effectiveness.

In-Office Bleaching: New Technology

Recent technology is now offering the use of lasers to enhance the whitening agentís effectiveness and whitening abilities. While this procedure is being widely promoted and its effects, benefits and success being touted, there is still some controversy. At this time, there are no whitening products that use lasers on the ADAís list of accepted products for teeth whitening. Some dentists do believe in the use of lasers to whiten teeth and, in fact, many celebrities enjoy this treatment. Other dentists, however, believe that lasers are no different than other lights used to whiten teeth in the in-office procedure.

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