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Propel Orthodontics Launches Clinical Evaluation of Micro-Osteoperforation

A report from Orthodontic Products: Propel Orthodontics, Tarrytown, NY, recently began a paid clinical evaluation for its Propel® System, a micro-invasive procedure performed by orthodontists that aims to reduce teeth movement time. The procedure, called Micro-Osteoperforation™, stimulates the alveolar bone to induce an inflammatory response and accelerate tooth movement in the treated area. According to […]

Dental emergencies at school

A report from RDH: Treating playground injuries School nurses often encounter emergencies related to the mouth. Beyond the recognition of oral disease such as decay, the school nurse needs to be ready to triage common dental injuries in the school setting. Preparation is key in order to properly manage a dental related emergency. The health […]

Scheme gives some teeth to braces design

A report from Dentistry IQ: FOR Innobrace Orthodontics, being competitive does not mean just designing and making better dental braces which orthodontists will want to use. It also involves keeping up with fashion. To get a leg-up to achieve this, it sought aid last year from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*Star) Technology […]

Orthodontist Joins Coast Dental in Riverview

A report from News Report Patients in Riverview have a new option for affordable braces now that orthodontist Lauren Lockhart, DDS, has joined Coast Dental, 10625 Big Bend Rd. Lockhart accepts most dental insurance and offers free consultations. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children first consult an orthodontist at age 7. For […]

Dr. Gellerman, a Long Island Children’s Orthodontist, Improves Treatments with …

A report from Einnews Portugal: Leading Long Island Children’s Orthodontist, Dr. Inna Gellerman, Uses SureSmile 3-D Imaging to Customize Braces, Reducing Treatment Time by as Much as 40 Percent / HUNTINGTON, N.Y. – Braces don’t have to be a two-year commitment if they have been fitted correctly and are customized for a patient’s unique mouth. […]

The expert’s guide to good teeth

A report from The Express Tribune: Dr Altama­sh busts common myths on oral hygien­e, gives tips for keepin­g teeth clean, talks about latest techno­logy. Dr Altamash busts common myths on oral hygiene, gives tips for keeping teeth clean and talks about the latest dental technology. Does oral hygiene only affect your teeth? While poor oral […]

Area braces for P&G job cuts

A report from Middletown Journal: By Mark Fisher, Staff Writer 11:49 PM Sunday, March 25, 2012 Southwest Ohio is bracing for the impact of Procter & Gamble’s most recent cost-cutting efforts, which include the elimination of 5,700 positions held by non-manufacturing employees company-wide by late 2013. P&G officials told the Middletown Journal via email last […]

Dental questons: Common pros and cons of orthodontic treatment for children

A report from Newsolio: ORTHODONTIC CONCERNS ANSWERED The time has come….Perhaps your doctor recommended orthodontic treatment for your children, or maybe you have come to the conclusion that measures are needed on your own. Whatever the case, you likely have an armload of questions about orthodontics. Foremost, what are the pros and cons of orthodontic […]

3 simple ways to make the orthodontic journey a better experience for the parents

A report from Dentistry IQ: By Kevin Henry Managing Editor, Dental Economics I never had braces growing up. During my teenage years in the 1980s, I had my Van Halen on my Walkman, my sweet Grand Prix to drive around, and my big-haired girlfriend to ride along with me. Why would I want a bunch […]